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Trueview provides document pickup, scanning and storage services for title agents, attorneys, realtors and many other professional business entities. Our systems are safe, secure and reliable for storing, managing and retrieving your files that are critical to your business. Full document word search along with custom search fields provide powerful yet easy tools to find a document among thousands. We are experts at our craft and our solutions and processes have been refined over many years.

Call us today to find out how we can convert your paper files into a searchable online archive at NO COST TO YOU. Don’t believe it’s possible? We will show you how…

We guarantee that once you go digital, you will never store your files in a cabinet again!

CFPB Compliance

Trueview has taken steps to ensure our technology, policies and procedures put us in line with standards and practices dictated by the CFPB. Everything from our site security, password protected email tool and physical security to our facilities have all been reviewed and modified to ensure that our customers feel confident that we are doing our part.


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Real Estate Professionals



Corporate Businesses

Three Steps To Perfection

Our three step process has been perfected throughout years of practice and experience.

File Pickup

We will come to your business to pickup your files. You can call anytime you have boxes ready or schedule a regular visit.

We create a specialized inventory so that you know exactly which files are in our possession. Each file is bar-coded and tracked throughout the pickup, scanning and storage process.

Prep, Scanning and Storage

Once received in our warehouse, your files are prepared by removing staples and binding instruments. All post it notes are placed on a blank sheet of paper. Corners are straightened and all documents are fanned. All documents are scanned using specialized high speed scanners from Kodak and Bell n Howell. Front and backs of each page are captured. Blank pages are ignored for efficiency. All pages are processed and cleaned to remove shading, background and all skewed images are auto corrected and straightened.

Access files online securely and from anywhere

Your digital files are available anytime securely from the Trueview repository. Login with your username and password to view, print, download and email entire files, specific sections or even specific pages from within your digital archive. We will store your paper files for a period of time while backups of your files are produced. After ninety days paper files can be shredded at your direction.

So you want to do your own scanning?

If you feel you have the proper equipment and staff to handle the scanning of your own files you can still take advantage of our excellent online cloud repository by uploading your scanned files. We give you complete control of your indexing fields and make it easy to upload your scanned files. For a small annual fee you can store all of your documents safely and securely using our easy to use web portal. Simply login to your account and create a new file or add to an existing file; it’s easy!
You can create multiple user accounts and control what each of those accounts can do. Control who can search and create files. Control who can print and email. Storing your files with Trueview is so much better than just using a “cloud drive.” We give you real world index fields that YOU define such as File Number, Name, Account Number etc. Having your files stored in a structured fashion allows for better searching and organizing your files for later access.
Call us today to schedule a free pickup and demonstration. We will scan and place a box of your files online for you to access and try. See for yourself how EASY and FAST online digital storage can be. We have helped hundreds of companies take those first few steps into the digital storage realm and are ready to help you and your staff make the first move. We are confident that once you see the results you will be amazed at how much time and money you will save.

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