We offer 3 different type of options for getting your documents safely scanned and online. With any option, you will be able to access your files online over the internet anytime, from anywhere, securely. You can email, print, even fax any document in seconds.

1  Option One – We pickup, scan and store digitally

1-wayWe handle everything from file pickup, preparing the files for scanning, scanning and digitally storing them online.


You place your files in our secure containers and we will pick them up from your office.

Our courier will come to your office on a pre-determined schedule and pickup your files once they are ready for scanning. We will supply your office with our secure containers to place your ready files. Once they arrive at our processing facility, we will prepare your files for scanning by removing all staples, paperclips, and other bindings.


All pages front and back are scanned with professional scanning equipment and image cleanup software. Ultra sonic sensing is used to ensure that no pages are missed and special image detection software removes blank pages to save time and space.

Once your files are scanned they are stored in our online repository and are immediately  available online for access.

2  Option Two – You pack and ship, we scan and store digitally

2-wayYou place your files in a standard FedEx package and ship to one of our processing facilities. We receive your files and prepare for scanning by removing all staples, paperclips, and other bindings. Files are scanned and made available online within seven business days.

3  Option 3 – You scan and upload and store digitally

3-wayYou can scan your own files yourself and then upload them to the live archive for immediate access over any internet connected computer or smart device. We support just about any scanner needed and can recommend a brand / model for you to purchase. We can even assist in getting you and your staff trained on site on how to prepare, scan and then upload your files.
Once your files have been scanned we can arrange to have the paper files picked up and securely shredded.

Store ‘n’ Scan

We also offer a hybrid program where we will empty your current storage and store your files at our processing facility. We will slowly scan over time your files and when you need one we will pull and scan immediately. See here for more information.