Security and Protection

Electronic and physical security and protection are our top priority. Download our comprehensive and complete security policy.

security policy


CFPB Compliance

Compliance with CFPB guidelines are an important part of our business practice. Click on the link below to download a copy of our statement.

cfpb compliance


Disaster Recovery

System backups and redundancy are core to keeping your data up and online during a natural disaster or event. We have mirrored our systems in several key states around the country to ensure that your information is safe and always available.

disaster plan


Physical plant / Hard Security

Trueview provides the highest levels of security and protection while guaranteeing 99.9% uptime. We have partnered with Peak 10, an award winning information technology infrastructure and cloud managed services company. You can rest assured your data is protected 24/7 in a data center protected by armed guards. All access to the facility requires biometric entry authentication. Closed loop video surveillance cameras track every move. Uninterruptable power systems provide backup power and fire and & flood protection is also provided. What this means is that your information is safe and secure



At the software level, all data is stored on secure servers protected behind robust firewalls. Intrusion detection systems monitor traffic on the network and alert our administrators of any unauthorized or malicious activity. High grade SSL ( Secure Socket Layer ) encryption is used for all data flowing to and from our servers.




Our employees undergo screening, testing and background checks. They frequently come from the industries we serve thus adding a higher level of experience when handling your files.



In-house Hosting

If you feel the need to host the data internally at your office or place of business ask us about our flexible software licensing options where we will configure and install our solution for your internal use. This allows you to take advantage of our web storage and retrieval solution without files or data ever leaving your facility.