Online Access

Accessing your files is as easy as 1-2-3!

Your digitally stored files are stored securely on Trueview’s own servers. You can rest assured that your information is NEVER in the hands of anyone outside of our company. We take your privacy seriously and NEVER store your information on third party sites or hardware. With today’s climate of security breaches and unauthorized sharing of information you can be confident that your files will always be kept private.

1  Step One – Login securely with username and password

Accessing your files is as simple as online banking. Simply log into Trueview’s secure online repository with your assigned username and password. You can have an unlimited number of users defined and control each user’s access and rights. Give some users the ability to email and print while limiting others to viewing only. The online repository is always available.

2  Find your file using familiar searching

Once authenticated, you can search for your files using familiar keywords and index fields such as file number, or name. We store your files using the same search information used when you store your files in your office.

3  View, Print, Email your documents

Simply clicking on your file opens it up showing the sections inside.