Store ‘n’ Scan

We created this program to allow customers to immediately empty their storage units or free up space in your office. This will save you time and money when you need access to one or more of your files. We will design a pricing plan that fits your budget, and eliminate the burden of you having to store and manage your paper files.

Every month we will scan and convert a pre-determined number of your files until they have all been converted and stored digitally.

Here is how it works:

We pickup your files from your storage unit and inventory and barcode each file. We then organize and store your paper files at our processing facility.

When you need access to a file we will pull the physical file, prepare it for scanning, then scan and digitally store your file for immediate access online. We will also scan and store additional files ultimately converting all of your physical files to digital storage.

After 90 days all physical files that have been scanned are shredded thus reducing your physical storage.