Specific Industries We Specialize In

Trueview Imaging serves many specific industries and has developed special solutions for them.

Real Estate Professionals

Title agents, Mortgage Brokers and Realtors are all required to keep their closed files for a specific period of time. This time varies from state to state and by industry but typically can range from 3 to 7 years. This costly endeavor can be relieved by scanning and digitally storing a copy of the closed file.

Buyers and sellers will benefit when it comes time to refinance or purchase a new home. They can simply call their Title agent and request that copies of their documents be emailed to them when needed. Title agents will no longer have to pay for storage space thus saving money and also time spent looking and copying required documents when they are needed.

Title agents CAN charge for the storage of title files. The Florida Statutes require the title insurance agency and the title insurance company to retain copies of the records related to the issuance of the title insurance policy and the funds disbursed from the escrow account. These fees should not be passed on to the consumer as separate line item charges. The title insurance agency may include the cost of storage of these records in the agency’s calculations for the closing services fee.

Doctors and Health Care Professionals

As medical professionals more and more are discovering and implementing electronic records, the need to maintain and convert legacy paper documents presents a challenge. Today’s reality is that healthcare organizations must manage legacy hardcopy records in concert with the electronic health record (EHR) for the foreseeable future.

As a result, hospitals and other medical facilities are considering options for converting paper-based medical records into electronic files. The reasons for converting these records are numerous and include: government mandates; the desire to improve the quality of patient care; medical service cost controls; and third-party reimbursement revenue enhancements.

Trueview Imaging can pickup and convert your paper medical files and convert them into a PDF or TIF format that can then be used to importation into your EMR electronic record solution. We can also keep a secure copy online for you to access from anywhere as a backup.

Attorneys and Legal Professionals

Are you in a 20th century or a 21st century law firm?  Lawyers produce, review and store massive amounts of paper.  It’s time to move your law firm into the 21st century and use technology to not only save your firm money by doing away with the cost of filing and storing paper, but also allow all law firm personnel to access client and internal firm documents in a matter of seconds.

The reasons for storing files digitally should be obvious but here are some of the more important reasons:

  • It saves the time and expense of having people file documents in traditional hard copy files.
  • It saves the expense and headaches of file storage.
  • It saves the expense and time delay of getting documents from closed storage.
  • It’s green and doesn’t adversely affect the environment.
  • If your building is destroyed or your office vandalized, your documents are safe and not affected (assuming you have a proper backup system).
  • With a good document management system attorneys can attach security to every document so that only authorized people can access the document.
  • It allows firm lawyers and personnel to have almost instant access to documents.

Corporate Clients

Corporate files range from confidential contracts to private HR files and beyond. These documents are a corporation’s vital records. They must be safely stored, secure, easy to access instantly, and searchable.

Our solution eliminates paper records and storage costs while streamlining processes to reduce cost, ensure compliance and increase service levels.

Step into the future of your company by keeping your office clean, paper-free, and efficient. Digitize your invoices, purchase orders,  invoices, statements, and proof of delivery.

“Trueview consistently delivers excellent quality service”