Doctors and Health Care Professionals

As medical professionals more and more are discovering and implementing electronic records, the need to maintain and convert legacy paper documents presents a challenge. Today’s reality is that healthcare organizations must manage legacy hardcopy records in concert with the electronic health record (EHR) for the foreseeable future.
As a result, hospitals and other medical facilities are considering options for converting paper-based medical records into electronic files. The reasons for converting these records are numerous and include: government mandates; the desire to improve the quality of patient care; medical service cost controls; and third-party reimbursement revenue enhancements. Trueview Imaging can pickup and convert your paper medical files and convert them into a PDF or TIF format that can then be used to importation into your EMR electronic record solution. We can also keep a secure copy online for you to access from anywhere as a backup.
  • Instant access to files from anywhere
  • No more storage and retrieval fees
  • Print and emails documents from web
  • Disaster recovery, a secondary backup for your patient records
  • Save time and money
  • Import copy of file in PDF format into your EMR solution

Common questions and requests we receive from clients

We are looking  for information  on scanning our medical client records,
how does this work, what are the equipment costs, set up costs,
maintenance cost, monthly costs. Does your company come into our office
and scan for us?

Yes, we can scan your medical client records or we can provide the necessary hardware, software and training for you to accomplish this task yourself. We can also have one of our employed staff come and setup in your office to handle the scanning for you.

We have approximately 29,000 medical charts averaging 175 pages each.  Some have staples, some are two sided, some sticky notes. Can I be confident that nothing will be missed or skipped?

Our scanning equipment from Kodak Imaging Systems is designed with technology that detects and prevents missed pages. These scanners also capture front and back of EVERY page only discarding the back if empty. We remove all staples and binding instruments manually to ensure a smooth conversion. All Sticky notes are placed on a separate blank sheet and scanned directly behind the page they were attached to.

We have a one-time project needing 5 years of medical records boxed,
picked up, scanned & destroyed.  We have a server that would hold
this information. Can you convert this and provide the scanned files to us?

Yes, we handle one time projects all the time. Simply prepare your records for pickup and we will pickup, prepare, scan and then store your files in a PDF format ready for transfer to your server. We can provide direct placement of the scanned files to DVD or hard drive. Once the conversion is complete we can return the files or shred them.