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Closing View

What is it? ClosingView keeps you and your customers connected to the homeowner for as long as they own their home! What usually happens after the closing? The buyer and seller leave with copies of their respective documents in some sort of folder which they will take home and hopefully keep in a safe place. A better solution has arrived! Closing View by TrueView Imaging provides online secure and easy access for buyers or sellers to access their closing documents. The buyer or seller receives a private passcode that allows them to securely login to the Closing View website and access their closing documents anytime. They are immediately able to access and view or print needed documents within seconds, WOW!

Clients Leave Closing With Digital Package

Clients will receive a secure digital code and key that will allow them to access their personal digital closing archive containing all critical documents.

This archive is personalized and contains documents they will need for future refinancing or sale of their home. Copies of the closing statement, policies and survey are also included; all securely accessible from any PC or smart device in the world with internet connectivity.

Continued Marketing

ClosingView sends your homeowners targeted email messages on behalf of your title agency, real estate agent and mortgage professional. The email contains picture and contact information of you and your Real Estate & Mortgage customers.

Email alerts are generated and sent to the Title agent as well as realtor and loan officer that were involved in the transaction whenever a document in the archive is accessed by your buyer or seller. This provides you a chance to contact them and follow up to ensure they are getting the information they need or to further market refinancing or additional services to them.

“Communication Is The Key To Repeat Business”

Updated Online Archive

Updates to the closed file can be made at anytime by the title agent. Documents received in the mail weeks after closing? No problem, simply scan and upload to the existing closed file. These updated documents will be automatically available to the end user without any additional work on your part. No more faxes, emails and physical mailings! Imagine the customer satisfaction improvements?

“Your Archive is Always Up To Date”